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How Can I Help My Child With Social Anxiety?

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that Anxiety Disorders are experienced by one in eight children. One of the most common Anxiety Disorders in children is social anxiety. A child experiencing social anxiety often feels uncomfortable in social settings due to fear of judgment and negative evaluation by others. As a result of these fears, anxious children...[ read more ]

How to Choose the Right Therapist for Your Child

If your child’s anxiety is severe, persists, and interferes with their everyday life, they can benefit from seeing a therapist specializing in anxiety. When hiring a therapist for your child, you need to be sure that the professional is a good fit. Here are some ways to find a good child psychologist near you for anxiety. Get Referrals Talk to...[ read more ]

Help! Don’t Leave! Dealing with Separation Anxiety Especially after COVID-19 Quarantine

In the past few months, I have heard clients and family members express the difficulty they are having with leaving their homes, families, and even pets for the day. It seems that with COVID-19 and shelter in place, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate.  It seems children are struggling too with separation from parents.  Separation anxiety is a common...[ read more ]

Anxiety Related to Remote and Hybrid Learning: Five Tips for Parents

2020 has been a crash course in adaptability, and as summer winds down, the uncertainty with school only strengthens it. Many school districts have published and revised their plans several times, and school hasn’t even started yet. E-learning, remote, hybrid are new vocabulary words, and there has been record breaking attendance at school board meetings. For schools that do have...[ read more ]

How Can Counseling Services Help My Teen?

Anxious teens often have trouble opening up to the people around them. If you notice that your teen is isolating, withdrawing, and/or engaging in avoidant behaviors, seeking out a counselor may be indicated. A counselor is trained to help equip individuals with coping skills for dealing with stressors and adapting to change. Counselors strive to build rapport with your teen...[ read more ]

Practicing Opposite to Emotion Action: A Skill to Help with Intense Emotions

On any given day, humans can experience a wide array of emotions: happiness, sadness, hope, despair, anxiety, guilt, and joy. The list could go on and on. Emotions come and go - they are not stagnant. That being said, we can unintentionally get stuck in or perpetuate an emotion by the way that we respond to emotion through our actions....[ read more ]

Dealing with COVID-19: Seven Tips for Teens

What a strange and unprecedented time.  Never in our lives have we had to practice social distancing, stay in our homes, be fearful of giving friends and loved ones hugs, be so afraid of getting sick, do all online learning, miss out on everyday events like participating in class, talking to friends in person, sports, plays, parties, proms, and graduations. ...[ read more ]

Staying Connected During Covid-19

Human beings are social creatures, and therefore, social connectivity is important to our well-being and stress management. Being connected to others creates feelings of belonging, love, and purpose. Many people are asking, “How do we stay connected during a time of social distancing?” Here are some tips: Log on to Social Media Typically we say that social media creates feelings...[ read more ]

The 6 Ss for Taking Care of Your Mental Health during COVID-19 Quarantine

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, for the first time in the history of our nation, all states have simultaneously declared a state of emergency. People are shut in their homes and worried about their health as well as the health of everyone around them. The fear and uncertainty all around us has never been so thick. COVID and...[ read more ]

Parenting Tips Amidst COVID-19

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles a person will face, and no doubt the national shelter in place order is only adding to the stress. With the extension of the stay at home order, many parents are without work or working from home and now taking on the role of teacher, coach, and entertainment committee. It is normal...[ read more ]