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Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety

Health anxiety (also called hypochondria) can cripple both children and adults. Symptoms include the following:

  • Feelings of being seriously ill when no symptoms of illness exist
  • Excessive worry over an existing health condition
  • Severe anxiety over medically unexplained symptoms (like headaches or chest pain)
  • Worry about the possibility of future illness

As evidenced above, health anxiety takes many forms. Whether it’s worry over small symptoms currently being experienced or worry over no symptoms at all, these fears can be debilitating and can affect everyday life. Such people may visit the doctor repeatedly or undergo unnecessary tests and procedures. In some cases, those with health anxiety avoid doctors altogether to avoid the possibility of receiving bad news.

The OCD & Anxiety Center in Chicago has years of experience in helping people overcome health anxiety issues. We use both cognitive therapy and exposure therapy to treat, educate, and help patients move beyond their fears. No matter what your health anxiety may look like today, contact us to begin your journey to freedom from worry.