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Introversion or Social Anxiety?

Wallflower, loner, aloof, unfriendly, socially awkward. These are words that have all been used to describe people who are introverted. Most likely, if you are introverted, you have been described in these terms (or other similar words) at some point. Often, these words are considered to be stereotypical ways of describing individuals who lean more towards the introverted side of...[ read more ]

Dr. Zayed addresses coronavirus anxiety on WGN morning radio


Parenting Anxious Kids: How to Help Parents Get Their Children to Do the Impossible

COVID-19 did not stop OAC therapists Dr. Butterfield, Madison Hewitt, and Sarah Lee, MA. On March 27, they conducted a virtual training for professionals about parenting anxious children.  They provided information about how to identify anxiety in children and factors that maintain anxiety.  They gave practical tips about how to reduce parental accommodations and how to manage tantrums and anxiety-related...[ read more ]

Exposure Therapy 101: Strategies for Facing Anxiety Disorders Head On

On March 13, OAC therapists Dina Scolan, LCPC, Stacy Gronek, LCPC and Colleen Pipia, LCPC gave a three hour continuing education presentation to a room full of professionals on Exposure Therapy.  They provided information about various anxiety disorders and how to treat them using exposure therapy basics.  Thank you to Aurora Family Counseling Services for hosting us! If you would...[ read more ]

Roll Call: Real Tools and Strategies to Address School Anxiety

On March 9, Dr. Zayed, Dr. Butterfield, and Stacy Gronek, LCPC gave a three-hour presentation at the Regional Office of Education in Wheaton on School Anxiety and School Refusal. They provided information about how to identify anxiety and how to help children get back into school when they are struggling with anxiety. The approach includes working with the child, with...[ read more ]

Sleep Glorious Sleep: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia

By Dina Scolan Sleep is coveted, rejoiced, relished and enjoyed by us all.  After all we spend a third of our life in bed, and while there, we prefer to be asleep, right? The unfortunate reality is that for some, sleep is elusive. Chased and sought after but poorly attained. Many people struggle to fall asleep and to stay asleep....[ read more ]

Tips for A Happier Thanksgiving

Last Thanksgiving, my whole family gathered around a perfectly roasted turkey and a half dozen delicious, warm sides. All of the children and pets were calm and everyone as on their best behavior. The weather was chilly, but not cold. The day was cozy, peaceful, and perfect. I’m joking, of course. I have never had a Thanksgiving that perfect, and...[ read more ]

Parent University at Oak Park River Forest High School

Dr. Maha Zayed and Ben Harris, MA were invited to participate in Parent University at Oak Park River Forest High School this past week.  The school counseling department partnered up with the Community Mental Health Board and the National Alliance for Mental Health to provide education on topics relevant to high school students, including anxiety, vaping, screens and phones, creating...[ read more ]

Family Counseling Services in Aurora

The therapists at OAC were busy this past Friday!  They were invited by Family Counseling Services in Aurora to provide continuing education training.  In the morning, Dr. Maha Zayed and Lauren Eldridge, LCSW provided a 3 hour presentation on exposure based treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Diroder.   Fifty therapists in the Western Suburbs attended the talk and appeared very interested in the topic.  They asked...[ read more ]

Parent Involvement in the Treatment Process: You Can’t Just Drop Your Kids off

By Lauren Eldridge, LCSW CADC Here at The OCD and Anxiety Center, our intake department receives many calls from caring parents, seeking treatment for their child’s anxiety. It is not uncommon, during these initial phone calls to hear parents expressing concerns like these: “My son/daughter has tried therapy before, and it hasn’t worked,” or “We need to do something, but...[ read more ]

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