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Anxiety Treatment for Teenagers

Anxiety Treatment for Teenagers


What Is Emetophobia and How Does It Develop? Emetophobia is classified as a specific phobia of vomiting and involves significant fear/anxiety related to vomiting-related cues, such as feeling nauseous, seeing or hearing others vomit, and the experience of vomiting. The fear associated with emetophobia is persistent and must last for at least six months in order to be diagnosed as...[ read more ]

School Shootings: How to Face Your Fears About Returning to School

teen girl listening to headphones while working on laptop

It seems as if every time you turn on the news, something terrible is happening in the world. School or college is supposed to be your escape from all of that. Granted, sometimes you need a break from school itself. But, for the most part, it's the safe zone where you are sheltered from all the terrible things happening in...[ read more ]

How Social Media Affects Teen Mental Health

Group of teens standing in the desert looking out at scenery with arms wrapped around each other

Social media is a popular outlet for all age groups. It helps us when we don't live near friends or family. It gives us funny videos when we need comedic relief. It connects us with strangers and allows us to learn new skills or cooking recipes. There are so many great aspects of social media. However, with that said, there...[ read more ]

Dealing with COVID-19: Seven Tips for Teens

What a strange and unprecedented time.  Never in our lives have we had to practice social distancing, stay in our homes, be fearful of giving friends and loved ones hugs, be so afraid of getting sick, do all online learning, miss out on everyday events like participating in class, talking to friends in person, sports, plays, parties, proms, and graduations. ...[ read more ]