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Contact Information

Phone: 630-522-3124
Email: JJones@theocdandanxietycenter.com

Location: Georgia & Telehealth (Illinois, Iowa, and Georgia)

Jacqueline's Take on Treatment

"Treatment is a collaborative process. I desire to create a safe place to explore some of the thoughts and emotions we often try to keep closed in a box. We spend so much time thinking about and taking care of others, but oftentimes neglect doing the same thing for ourselves. Stepping into therapy takes courage and a willingness to take an honest look at yourself. I desire to be a supportive individual in this process and partner with each of my clients as no one needs to go through the challenges of life alone."

Approach to Therapy

Jacqueline prides herself on being an advocate for the individuals that she works with, believing that a strong rapport is the foundation for a successful therapeutic relationship. This relationship is what helps a client to feel safe enough to open up about what brings them to counseling in the first place. She is relationally driven and takes a collaborative approach when working with her clients. She desires for the individuals that she is working with to identify what their goals are, and to lean on their own personal strengths, to take next steps going forward. Everyone has goals that they would like to achieve, and hopes that they desire to come to fruition, and Jacqueline desires to work alongside her clients to make that a reality. She is extremely supportive and empowering in the work that she does with her clients.

Having worked with families, adults, children, and adolescents in various settings, Jacqueline takes a team approach with her clients. When identifying and working through current obstacles, Jacqueline knows that when an individual comes to therapy, each and every person in the family has a role. She sees the value of education and training in order for the client to understand what approaches are being taken, examining individual and familial patterns that might be contributing to the behavior, and supporting everyone in identifying action steps to move forward.

Jacqueline strives to take a warm, nonjudgmental and compassionate problem-solving approach with her clients. She tailors her approach to each person’s individual needs. Jacqueline assists her clients in identifying internal and external obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals. She then works alongside them to make positive and productive changes going forward, utilizing their personal strengths and support system. Jacqueline is deeply committed to helping her clients build their confidence and self-esteem, as well as practice necessary skills to improve their overall functioning in order to attain the life they desire.

Experience and Training

Jacqueline earned her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education at North Central College and then later obtained her Master’s degree in social work from Aurora University. While working with survivors of domestic violence, Jacqueline also became a Certified Domestic Violence Professional (CDVP).

Since receiving her Masters, Jacqueline has worked with survivors of domestic violence, refugee families, adolescents within the foster care system, and children and adolescents within the school system. She has experience providing individual, group and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. Jacqueline has worked with patients experiencing symptoms related to complex trauma, attachment issues, abuse and neglect, depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few. With a background as an educator and as a school social worker, Jacqueline takes a family systems approach when working with children and adolescents, realizing that everyone needs to come together to make a positive change.

At The OCD & Anxiety Center, Jacqueline specializes in treating children, teens and adults with anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. Using strengths-based practices and evidence-based treatments, Jacqueline has been trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) to address client’s needs and help them learn and grow in meaningful ways. She loves collaborating with schools, parents and families to help their family member better manage their anxiety and achieve behavioral change, acknowledging that this is not a process to go about alone. With a love for learning, Jacqueline dedicates her career to attending trainings and reading educational books and materials in order to become the best therapist that she can for those that she works with.

More About Jacqueline

Jacqueline was born and raised in the western suburbs of Illinois. In March of 2022, she moved to Marietta, Georgia. Jackie loves spending time with her family. She also enjoys being active, reading, and spending time outside.