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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Management for New College Students

The beginning of a new chapter in one’s life can bring to the surface a variety of different emotions. You may feel excited about the upcoming changes that will occur and the opportunities that will become available to you. You may also feel sad about what you are leaving behind as you head in this new direction. You may feel...[ read more ]

How Do ADHD and Anxiety Overlap in Children?

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It's heartbreaking to hear that children can experience mental health disorders. It can also be surprising or hard to believe for many adults. After all, we often associate these disorders with something that only adults experience. Children are often at the crossroads of two common mental health disorders. Anxiety and ADHD both commonly start in childhood or the teenage years....[ read more ]


What Is Emetophobia and How Does It Develop? Emetophobia is classified as a specific phobia of vomiting and involves significant fear/anxiety related to vomiting-related cues, such as feeling nauseous, seeing or hearing others vomit, and the experience of vomiting. The fear associated with emetophobia is persistent and must last for at least six months in order to be diagnosed as...[ read more ]

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

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By now, you have probably realized that anxiety is a common mental health concern. Over the past few years, topics like anxiety and depression have popped up more in our conversations with each other as well as nationally. There really isn't a question of why this is when you consider everything that has occurred over the past 5 years. Anxiety...[ read more ]

Perinatal-Postpartum OCD

The OCD Cycle We live in a society that collectively has difficulty tolerating anxiety and accepting ambiguity. Anxiety is an emotion that is associated with a lot of negative connotations and generally leads us to quickly seek out solutions to escape the discomfort. For some people, anxiety becomes connected to everyday, seemingly neutral things such as other people, social situations,...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Help Someone with Anxiety

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Anxiety is a challenging condition to deal with. It's normal for most people to experience some anxiety throughout their week. When juggling many different responsibilities, it can feel like a never-ending list that you feel as if you can't complete. Anxiety can be healthy in moderation. It helps motivate us, keeps us moving forward, and develops solutions to our problems....[ read more ]

3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

It's another day, and you can't help but feel on edge. The day was stressful. You couldn't help but worry about everything on your to-do list that you had to do at work and home. Your mind can't stop looking at the future and asking, "What if..?" You're exhausted, and yet you can't seem to sleep at night. Your heart...[ read more ]

What Is Anxiety?

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You can't help but feel as if something is off. Lately, it seems as if you are worried about absolutely everything. Your thoughts always seem to be so negative, and you can't seem to focus on anything else. When you start to feel even a little bit stressed, your heart feels like it's going to beat right out of your...[ read more ]

College Essay

I feel everyone’s eyes on me as I walk through the store. I try to sink into myself, make myself disappear, but it doesn’t work. I can feel a tic coming and I try to hold it back, but it bursts out of me and I hit my chest. Pain blooms through my collarbone. I’m on the edge of panicking,...[ read more ]

Anticipatory Anxiety

By Ashley Butterfield, PsyD “All of us have worries. We worry because we are intelligent beings. Intelligence predicts, that is its essence; the same intelligence that allows us to plan, hope, imagine, and hypothesize also allows us to worry and anticipate negative outcomes.” – Norman Doidge, author of The Brain that Changes Itself Throughout the course of your life, you...[ read more ]