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How Can Counseling Services Help My Teen?

How Can Counseling Services Help My Teen?

An anxious teen has trouble opening up to people around them. If you notice that your teen is behaving strangely, consider talking to a counselor and asking them for help.

A teen counselor is trained to help kids talk things through. They use different methods to win the trust of your teen and assure them that they are here for them and will provide them unconditional support without being judgmental.

Counseling can be recommended for healthy people struggling with a mental health problem, such as an eating disorder, anxiety, or depression. A teen counselor can also help kids with low self-esteem, anger management problems, and other behavioral issues. Once a counselor gets to the root of the problem, they come up with coping strategies.

Different Types of Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems such as depression, eating disorders, severe mental illness, and anxiety disorders. This treatment generally involves efforts to change thinking patterns.

The counselor encourages the patient to think positively about life to help them avoid feeling stuck in repetitive patterns of behavior. These are typically 6-12 weekly sessions.

Family Therapy

The counselor works with the entire family. They try to help family members understand the problems the patient is experiencing.

A family therapist is trained to gain insights into behavioral problems, mental disorders associated with disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence, and communication issues between family members.


Mindfulness is usually combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The therapist tries to create an environment where the patient can focus on difficult thoughts and feelings, rather than avoiding them. This is done to help the young person overcome their fear and anxiety. Mindfulness therapists ask their patients to do homework, which includes practicing meditation and breathing techniques and bringing mindfulness to day-to-day activities.


This is a long-term therapy. Psychotherapy is often recommended for people with long-term issues such as eating disorders or depression. It can also help with emotional challenges and psychiatric problems. Patients are encouraged to talk about the effects of past events.

Also known as a talking treatment, psychotherapy uses talking rather than medication. Sessions usually last for an hour and can be one-on-one, in pairs or groups. Psychotherapists use different forms of communications, such as narrative story drama, and music.

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