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How to Choose the Right Therapist for Your Child

How to Choose the Right Therapist for Your Child

If your child’s anxiety is severe, persists, and interferes with their everyday life, they could benefit from seeing a therapist specializing in anxiety. When hiring a therapist for your child, you need to be sure that the professional is a good fit. Here are some ways to find a good child psychologist near you for anxiety.

Choosing the Right Therapist for Your Child

Get Referrals

Talk to a trusted friend or family member if they have recently hired a therapist. Inquire at your pediatrician’s office or with your school’s counseling department. Ask them to describe their experience of working with the professional. Inquire if the therapist provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Based Therapy.  Inquire whether the professional schedules sessions with parents and how they involve the family in the treatment process as this is crucial when working with children.

Attend Parenting Workshops or Lectures

Attend parenting workshops and lectures organized by schools, therapy institutes, parenting organizations, and youth centers in your area. Listen to therapists discussing their work and explaining the therapeutic process to help you form an idea of the type of professional and treatment that would benefit your child.

Ask the Right Questions

Here are some good questions to ask as you consider whether a therapist is a good fit:

  1. Do you provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and specifically Exposure with Response Prevention?
  2. Have you received specialized training in cognitive behavioral and exposure-based therapies?
  3. Are you able to do what is necessary to create and complete effective exposures like leaving the office?
  4. Can you see my child more than once a week for 50-60 minutes if need be; can you set up treatment intensively?
  5. Do you work at a place that specializes in seeing children with OCD and anxiety and have you been successful at it?

Prepare for the Consultation

Before you set up a consultation with your preferred therapist, prepare a list of concerns you have about your child. The more information you can provide about your child, the better. Compile education evaluations and classroom reports in a file. Think about important events such as the first time your child showed symptoms of anxiety or learning difficulties (whatever the problem may be). All of this information will be valuable in helping your therapist create a treatment plan specific to your child.

OCD & Anxiety Center is a team of qualified and highly-skilled therapists. We go the extra mile to help our patients, especially children. We are committed to bringing positive changes to the lives of children struggling with anxiety and other disorders. To schedule a consultation with one of our experts, call (630) 522-3124.

Dr. Maha Zayed is a psychologist and owner of The OCD & Anxiety Center.  The Center is located in two suburbs outside of Chicago.  She has devoted her career to specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for anxiety, OCD, and anxiety-related disorders. She is comfortable working with children and adults and is able to provide treatment both in the office and outside of the office, wherever anxiety happens.

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